Employment Law
Employment Law

Labor Laws are one of our main focus areas of legal practice. Lawyers and other legal experts from Law firm Sibinčič Križanec represent employers, managers, works councils, and individual employees in court and in other relevant bodies. Our advantage lies in the careful examination of each case, based on which we provide our clients with a solution that is optimal for them in terms of speed, cost and other legal consequences defined in the Slovenian work code. Our lawyers and other legal experts are involved in the preparation of general legal acts for employers or for employers’ associations. We also provide counseling in the preparation of or the termination of employment contracts to critical individuals or when a larger number of employees is at stake. In the past, Križanec Law firm has successfully completed the termination of employment contracts to larger numbers of workers, which enriches our knowledge and allows us to provide excellent service both to the employers and to the employees

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