Telecomunications and technology

Law Firm Sibinčič Križanec advises on a broad range of telecommunications-related commercial, transactional, regulatory, and infrastructure matters, particularly those with an international dimension.

Our telecommunications lawyers have an in-depth understanding of the commercial and technological aspects of the telecommunications industry and continually monitor market developments in Slovenian and the Balkan region. We offer our clients pragmatic and sector-specific legal advice in order to successfully meet the challenges of today’s rapidly developing international telecommunications industry.

SK lawyers provide a full spectrum of telecommunications advice regarding regulation, transactions, and disputes in a variety of sectors, including wireline and broadband, wireless, satellite, and Internet and e-commerce, as well as information technology.  Our clients include service providers, equipment suppliers, electric utilities, and governments.

The full capabilities of our firm are available to support our telecommunications clients.  Our lawyers focus on other aspects of technology law, including intellectual property litigation, patent and technology protection, copyright and content protection, trademark and identity protection, unfair competition, and life sciences.  Our lawyers also provide the traditional legal support often needed by telecom companies:  corporate, litigation, employment, tax, antitrust, international trade, and property.

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