Law Firm Sibinčič Križanec represent companies in the pharmaceutical industry through a full range of legal practices, including products liability and commercial litigation, corporate transactions and intellectual property matters. Lawyers throughout the Firm effectively serve the needs of pharmaceutical clients, which include manufacturers and distributors of both over-the-counter and prescription products as well as other medical devices. SKM Law Firm has experience serving the pharmaceuticals industry in the defense of products liability actions. We serve as national counsel to our clients in connection with products liability litigation involving pharmaceuticals and medical devices. SKM Law Firm additionally brings a wealth of knowledge of and experience practicing in its local (Slovenia) courts in connection with the defense of its pharmaceutical clients.


SK can advise public and private pharmaceutical companies on all aspects of corporate transactions. We advice financial institutions, venture capital firms and other investors who provide financing to pharmaceutical companies. Experience with a range of clients gives us the skills to address legal matters arising at companies of any size, from multinationals to start-ups developing their first products.We have worked with clients on matters such as mergers and acquisitions, asset sales, joint ventures,  licensing agreements, financings, and corporate governance.

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